Ways to Market Your Notary Business!

 Ways to Market Your Notary Business!

If you're thinking about starting your own notary business, there are many ways to market it. While not all of these methods will work for every business, they are sure to help you find new clients!


Network with Builders, Tow Truck Drivers, and Tow Truck company owners. 

A notary can help  Builders facilitate their closing . Notaries assist towing companies by notarizing Vehicle Tow Release Authorization documents.

Hand out Your Business Cards  

When you hand out your business card, write a note on the back in case someone forgot what they talked about. It could be a reminder of why they needed more information or something that helps jog their memory as they go through the sea of cards in their collection.

Pass out flyers in Local Community  

Remember that shopping malls and parking lots are private property. Don't waste hundreds of flyers or hundreds of dollars on public advertising, and don't give out flyers to people who do not patronize the business.

Lean into the word of mouth   

Word of Mouth is achieved by providing good customer service, making it easy for customers to contact you, maintaining a positive image, keeping the environment clean and pleasant, asking for testimonials and displaying them, engaging on social media, getting positive publicity for your small business and contributing visibly to your community.

Post to Facebook 

There are many things you can do to promote your business on Facebook, but it's just as easy to post regularly without being too promotional. Just be engaging and exciting!

Build your network on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a great place to build your career. Engage with the producers of the content you visit, offer genuine insight, and connect with people who are relevant to you.

Google My Business  

Aim to publish regular updates via Google Posts for greater visibility in the search engine results pages. Google Posts allow businesses to share content with people that is relevant to the search queries being inputted. It’s a great way of gaining a little extra exposure.

Update your Google My Business listing 

Update your Google My Business listing and check that all information is accurate so you can have a consistent presence on this massive platform.

Click here to read The Ultimate Guide to Google my Business for Notaries!

List your Notary business in online directories 

Ensure that your notary business is listed in relevant online directories. Click here to read more about the most popular ones used by notaries.  



Ways a Notary Can Market Their Notary Business RECAP

  • Network with Builders, Tow Truck Drivers, and Tow Truck company owners.

  • Hand out Your Business Cards

  • Pass out flyers in Local Community

  • Lean into the word of mouth

  • Post to Facebook

  • Build your network on LinkedIn

  • Google My Business

  • Update your Google My Business listing

  • List your Notary business in online directories

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