How to Pick a Good Domain Name: Best Practices for Notary Websites

notary marketing tips Oct 12, 2021

How to pick an effective domain name for your notary website?

"When selecting a domain name for your mobile notary website, it is important to make sure that it is both distinctive and memorable."


1. Make it short and easy to memorize
It is recommended to use short and simple domain names for your website to avoid the chances of mistyping or remembering it. Complex domain names often lead to forgetting and missing it for any future deeds.
The ideal length of a domain name is 8 characters and so you should fit it near this range.

2. Avoid using numbers or symbols

Avoid using any numbers of symbols in the domain name. In cases where numbers are used, it becomes difficult for a user to judge if the numeral would be spelled or typed as a digit.

For example, should be avoided as it can lead to confusion while spelling it as seven-star luxury or 7starluxuary.

Similarly, in the case of symbols, they are often misplaced or missed leading to other confusions.

3. Use appropriate keywords for SEO

Having keywords in your domain name can rank you higher on search engines and make your website SEO optimized. Not only this, you can generate more traffic and of course increase conversions. But do not intend to exactly match your keywords, as it may bring disgrace to your brand. It also leads to an impression of bad websites which are less genuine and authentic.

4. Use .com extension

The .com domain extension is the most popular one and thus users find a hard time getting a short and easy domain name with .com. But again it is preferred to use .com as there are no restrictions on using it for any business. Even for international users, .com works out the best and almost all the Web browsers automatically redirect to this extension. So, make the best use of this trick!

5. Avoid trademark infringement

Use your creativity and innovation to build your domain name rather than using someone else’s idea to frame it. If you have a domain name sounding similar to an existing one, you might run into copyright infringement problems. An ideal domain name should be special, unique also shouldn’t be mixed up with other existing domains.


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