How to Start a Notary Business: A Step-by-Step Guide for Veterans

how to become a notary Nov 11, 2021

How to Start a Notary Business: A Step-by-Step Guide for Veterans!

My dad and sister were in the military and it just wasn't for me. I wanted to find something challenging but that would allow me to be home with my kids. And I found my answer by working as a Loan Signing Agent.

What is a Notary Public?

A notary public is a person who is appointed by the secretary of state to serve the public as an impartial witness. They are typically used in signing important documents.

What are the requirements to become a notary?

Requirements to become a notary are different in every state. Generally, states require notary applicants to meet basic requirements when completing the notary application process that includes being 18 years or older and a legal resident of the state where they intend to serve, Never have had a notary public commission suspended or revoked during the last decade. Clear a background check and submit fingerprints when required

A notary public is a person who is authorized to serve as an impartial witness in taking the acknowledgments, proofs, affirmations, and depositions of all persons under oath or affirmation. The notary commission may be revoked by the appointing authority for good cause upon written notice to the notary public.

Notary Education

Notary education is available online and in person in every state. Popular courses for California, Florida, Missouri, Montana, and Pennsylvania are required to be completed before taking the notary exam. Check out the National Notary Association for State-Specific Notary Education 

Notary Bond

Notary bonds are required by many states, and in most cases, the bond will be $5000. The bond protects the public against any financial loss caused by improper conduct on behalf of the notary.

Notary Seal 

The Notary seal is the most important tool in the Notary Public's arsenal. This stamp or embosser imprints the notarial act with the seal and confirms your signature as an officer of the law. The seal also identifies you as a commissioned public servant and includes your commission information.

Notary Journal 

One of the best ways to protect yourself from any potential legal issues is to keep accurate records of the notarizations you perform. The notary journal will document when and where your notarization occurred.

Error and Omissions Insurance 

If you want to be a notary public, you should buy an error and omissions policy. It will protect your professional and personal assets in the event that you make a mistake in any notarial act. Such insurance coverage is affordable, which provides peace of mind while protecting the notary's liability.

How to Become a Notary FAQs

Is there a demand for a Notary Public?

Currently, there are over four million notaries in the United States protecting consumers from identity theft and fraud. The demand for notaries has increased substantially over the years by private citizens, industries, and businesses. Most notaries witness and authenticate documents signing involving legal transactions that could include powers of attorney, mortgage documents, adoption papers, contracts, advance directives or last wills.

Becoming a notary public is a great opportunity to earn extra income by becoming an independent contractor for banks, title companies, financial institutions, and mortgage companies that need someone with your skills.

How much does a notary public make per signing?

Becoming a notary public is an exciting way to make money signing documents! The amount you earn varies, but the average is around $75-$200 for real estate transactions.





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