Notaries, You Don’t Needy a Flashy Website If You Want Show UP Google

notary marketing tips Oct 12, 2021

"You don't need a flashy website to be found on Google"

Graphics are a good way to get your website noticed and help with SEO. However, if they're flash-based, it will have the opposite effect of your primary goal of getting more traffic and driving more sales.

The websites which are done in Flash can put you in trouble because of the following reasons:

1. It makes your Website Slow
While using Flash adorns the website’s appearance, at the same time it increases the page loading time. Because of the Flash animations, even high-speed Internet users face difficulty in accessing websites due to the delay in webpage loading. Mostly this frustrates the users, and thus they consider leaving your site, opting for the less flashy one built-in HTML instead.

2. Google does not recommend Flash
Search Engines never encourage the use of Flash on your websites; instead, Google avoids the websites that use Flash. Search Engines never index your sites because they do not understand Flash or any code related to it. Just use simple content-rich text on your website for SEO and optimize it by using appropriate keywords. Flash will never help you get listed in the top four or five pages of Search Engines.

3. Content is the King!
If you use Flash design on your site, you will surely miss out on content. But not to forget, content is the king which drives your online business. Flashy animations are just secondary – you can always do without them. But content is primary, you need to have it and you need it in good quality and abundance.

4. Not Mobile Responsive
Many mobile devices do not display Flashy websites, especially Apple devices. So, designing your website using Flash will keep your mobile users strictly out of the business gateway. As the mobile market is gaining higher popularity day by day, you cannot afford to miss your websites there.

5. Disables the Back button
Yes, you read it correctly. Another drawback of using a flashy website is that disables the back button, thus making it difficult for the user to use. Until the user is able to control where he wants to navigate, you cannot win him. So drop this idea out!

Flashy websites are an ineffective way to make your website attractive. They only distract the user with eye-catching animations, but they don't index on search engines. Just stick with HTML-based websites for better user experience and interaction. Flashy websites provide no value, but only provide a poor user experience and remove the concept of SEO.


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