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notary marketing tips Feb 05, 2022

9 Essential Notary Marketing Materials You Must Have in 2022


With the right Marketing Materials, notaries can stand out from the crowd and generate more loan closings and general notary work.

Marketing materials, such as brochures and websites, are a great way to showcase your notary services. Notaries will choose what type of marketing material best suits their needs – but the most important thing is that it’s effective in capturing potential clients' attention. Whether you have a sleek design or a more traditional style – there’s something out there for every notary looking to make an impression.


 A Strong Notary Website

Before you start printing out flyers and mailers, take a look at your website. Many people head online when they're searching for a notary public. Without a strong website, you're already missing out on leads!

Obtain a good domain name

Your domain name, also known as your website address, is often the entry point to your site. It must make a good impression for usability purposes, as well as for search engine optimization (SEO).

You need to know what areas your notary service applies to

Are you sure about your service area? It’s important to be clear about where exactly you offer services for a few reasons.

Include your phone number on every page.

Don’t bury your contact information! Make it as easy as possible for prospects to contact your business. Your phone number should be positioned in the same spot on every page of your website. This could be at the top, in a sidebar, or at the footer of each page.

Include an email sign up bar:

If you are not ready to make a purchase on your website, don't assume the visitor is done. Offer them the opportunity to subscribe for updates or product guides.

Provide an easy-to-complete form to help visitors schedule appointments or request quotes:

Providing your customers with many ways to contact you is a good idea. Whether it be by appointment scheduler or quote request form, they allow your customer to fill out the digital forms at their leisure (or in the middle of the night when you may not be picking them up). Be simple in your form- collect just enough information to respond. Include a time frame on when they can expect to hear back from you (e.g., 3-5 hours or next business day) above the form and in the confirmation email that is sent out after submission.



Direct mailers are tangible proof of your brand. When people keep them, they see your logo repeatedly! This is a great way to make an emotional connection with customers and create customer loyalty..Tie in your logo, color scheme, and website URL. The more visual clues you provide to customers about who you are or what you do the easier it will be for them to find out more about your business.

Business Cards

Business cards are one of the most important marketing materials for notaries. A customized logo can make a strong, lasting statement! Instead of boring white business cards, try something more creative.

Online Ads

Remember, many people look for a notary public. While tangible print notary marketing products are important, so are online ads. This is because the digital world has become an integral part of our culture and society where even basic tasks like grocery shopping can be accomplished with just one click. Online advertising will reach your target audience no matter their location or age to promote your services as long you have the budget for it!

Search Engine Optimized Notary Blog Posts

Once you've updated your notary website, add regular, unique blog posts among your recurring notary marketing materials. 

Blogging is a great way to generate new content and keep your website fresh. Blogs should be updated regularly, ideally once or twice per month. They can cover any topic that relates back to the notary profession: for example, you might offer insights on how technology has changed the work of a notary public and what this means for those in your area; detail changes in legislation concerning Notaries; give recommendations about where people can find help with loan modification paperwork; discuss recent developments with regard to international law (especially if they relate specifically local laws); provide updates on industry publications pertaining directly or indirectly to commercial transactions like mortgages, business succession planning documents (your clients are likely interested in these types of issues—see them as potential blog post ideas!). You get the idea!

 Video Content

If your product or notary service is difficult to explain succinctly, then you should consider including a video on your page. The more visitors spend time on that page, the higher their chances of converting become!

A video, because it is more persuasive than text or pictures and has a greater impact on prospects, can be used as an important lead generation tool. It's the perfect alternative to lengthy and cumbersome product descriptions and other textual content which could make customers' eyes glaze over in boredom! Videos are also great for increasing conversions by providing your prospects with visual evidence of how your products work.

Social Media Posts

Where is your target audience spending the bulk of their time online? If you want to gather more leads, start producing social media content. You can add eye-catching images, engaging quizzes, and interactive games among your notary marketing materials before posting them online.


Social media is also a great way for you to generate two-way conversations with your audience. Don't forget to respond to comments or messages to ensure your audience you're there and able to help. 



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