Tips for Hiring a Signing Agent or Notary

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2021

Hiring a Signing Agent: What You Need to Know

You can now become a notary, and start facilitating loans. All you have to do is find out if you're eligible for this position in your state, and then get certified!

What is a Signing Agent?


A signer is responsible for facilitating the closing and signing of mortgage loans. A signed loan approval document is called a “certificate of decision.” It constitutes the legal closing of the loan. A signer can work for or with a mortgage company, such as Quicken Loans, Orchard Mortgage, or Arvo Mortgage, or independently. Once the assignment is signed, the signing agent should then complete the NSA Certification Process (RMA).


This intensive program provides legal training, hands-on experience, and professional education in the practice of mortgage brokerage. The overall certification is attained by passing a test.


The keywords "Assignment" and "Assignment Agent" in the RMA are used to describe two different individuals.


Why would I need a Signing Agent?


Recording loan closings in a standard format may be difficult for an untrained person. A professional recording expert can translate state laws and procedures into a logical format and ensure that the loan documents accurately reflect the legal proceedings. In addition to high quality paperwork, the recording expert will ensure that the documents are properly entered into the loan files. A recording professional can also document and ensure accurate recording of service or closing materials. The best recorders conduct their duties in a professional manner with complete documentation of every transaction.


How do I find a Signing Agent?


Most mortgage lenders in the United States have a listing of what I call an Authorized Signing Agent, or AS. This ASs must be duly appointed by a Notary Public and registered with FINRA or a state. If the lender has partnered with a national referral service or in a national conference call or book of brokers, then the mortgage loan originator should be able to provide the AS’s contact information.


In some cases, the mortgage loan originator or loan processing company will work with the AS to facilitate an exclusive transaction or a greater percentage of the transaction to be completed by the AS.


If this is not the case, the buyer should determine which state’s laws or regulations are applicable to the transaction.



Notary Loan Signing Agent Training

The Notary Institution is creating a new and improved online notary loan signing agent course training.