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notary marketing tips Oct 12, 2021

SEO For Notaries

SEO is the process of improvising website traffic through organic search engine results. Search engine algorithms have changed in recent years, so old-school methods like keyword stuffing will no longer work for high rankings.

SEO Changes really quickly and if you are not a full-time digital marketer, it can be cumbersome to keep up. Due to extreme changes in the short span of time, many old SEO methods are still floating on the web which is actually fruitless.

It’s very common for entrepreneurs to have a few misconceptions about SEO that will potentially harm their website’s ranking.

Let’s uncover Top SEO myths that you need to avoid.

Keyword Stuffing can Boost Search Traffic

Keyword stuffing is the repeated use of the same keyword to improve website ranking. Google is no longer giving many benefits to the web pages that perform keyword stuffing, all thanks to its Latest Hummingbird Update.

If you are still living under the illusion that you can get more organic traffic from Google to your website by repeating the same keyword again and again, then sooner or later, you are going to face the harmful consequences for it. So stop implementing keyword stuffing and focus on using a long-tail keyword to improve your traffic.

Put SEO aside and just Focus on Making Great Content.

This is another very common and modern misconception that even some SEO experts also believe. Of course ‘Content is the King’. But it is really difficult to decide that the piece of content is great or not.

Alright, well-written, problem-solving content always helps your target audience, but there is no point in posting great content if it doesn’t reach more people. If you ignore the SEO, your content will have limited exposure and you’ll get small traffic for your ‘great posts’.

Do SEO Once and the Rest will be Taken Care of Itself.

First of all, make one thing very clear – SEO is not a ‘one-time thing. You certainly cannot do it once and expect to bring it long-lasting results. After every single update from Google, SEO changes.

So if you’ve incorporated some brilliant SEO strategies 3 years ago and your site is not cell phone optimized, then you’re gone after a mobile-friendly update of Google.

Therefore it is recommended to Hone your SEO Skills from time to time and keep an eye on the latest Google Updates.

 Social Activity has no impact on SEO.

This myth is like an epidemic and widely propagated. If you have any idea about the power, reach and influence of social media platforms, then you’ll definitely know that Social Media is the New SEO.

Google’s Update in 2021 clearly indicates that social media shares are vital to rank for a keyword in SEO.

Hence to increase your search engine rankings you need to increase the social shares of your posts.

SEO is ever-changing and with time former best practices becoming myths. If you are not keeping up with the latest updates it will be really difficult for you to decide what works and what doesn’t.



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