Ways To Advertise Your Notary Business For Free On The Internet

Ways To Advertise Your Notary Business For Free On The Internet


  • Notary Rotary
  • SnapDocs
  • Notary Cafe
  • Whitepages
  • Yellow Pages
  • Yelp
  • Bing Places for Business
  • Yahoo Local
  • Nextdoor



Of course, if you’re in the notary business, you want to advertise your business. You also want to get new customers, which can be challenging when you are just starting out. If you have the budget for an ad campaign but aren’t sure how to go about it, here are some ways for you to advertise your notary services for free on the internet.

Google My Business 

 Google My Business is a tool for managing how your business appears across Google’s network. You can control everything from what your business information shows up on (Google Search, Maps, and more), how you’re found on mobile devices, whether or not your updates appear in location-based search results like those for nearby businesses, and much more.


Notary Rotary   

Notary Rotary is a company that provides products and services to notaries public nationwide. We are centrally located in Des Moines, Iowa, with an advanced notary search engine, discussion forum, signing agent and agency resources, education, and a notary supply store.

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Snapdocs is the software platform that the title companies, mortgage agents, and signing services use to manage closings. SnapDocs is a technology company that builds software for businesses and professionals that operate in the mortgage industry.


Notary Cafe  

Notary Café is a notary directory that makes it easy for notaries to find professional help. We offer membership options with exclusive features, including groups, mobile device reports, and more. Our services are designed with the notary professional in mind.


This companion to the Yellow Pages offers you the latest listings in the industry, so you can get quick access to businesses in your area. Plus, with premium services like text message service and larger ad listing, you'll never have to worry about content not being thorough enough.

Yellow Pages 

Did you know that the yellow pages are still around? This well-organized online version offers a wide variety of premium listings in addition to free listings. It also offers 70 million+ visitors each year. Get your Yellow Pages ad started online with a simple registration process.


Being listed on Yelp provides a great deal of growth for those who have a good service and solid reviews. The demographics of Yelp users make this listing too valuable to pass up.

Bing Places for Business 

Microsoft's business advertising platform is the one-stop-shop for finding the right advertising solution for your company. It allows you to add multiple locations, videos, photos, and more. It also has a quick and easy registration process and you can even optimize your ads for various viewing platforms through Bing. 

Give your business a running start toward the top by signing up for Bing Places for Business.


Yahoo Local 

Yahoo Local makes a great first stop for your online business. Our search directory gives you the basics to market your business, including a free basic listing and some affordable options when you're ready to grow.

Find out how to establish your online business presence with Yahoo Local.


Nextdoor is your one-stop shop for local businesses. It's built with the needs of service businesses in mind, so you can expand your local reach by connecting with service businesses that target a single area.

Common Questions About Marketing Notary Signing services 

Word of mouth is where consumers tell their friends, family, and co-workers about their experiences with a company or product. Word of mouth is also achieved by providing good customer service, making it easy for customers to contact you, maintaining a positive image, keeping the environment clean and pleasant, asking for testimonials and displaying them, engaging on social media, getting positive publicity

How can I promote my notary business?

Promoting your notary services is an important factor in success. There are various methods you can use. For example, you might choose to send business cards or postcards to potential customers, or offer a discount or free service the first week that the customer signs up for your service. You could also ask friends and family to pass out flyers, write posts about you.

How do I advertise my mobile notary business?

In the beginning, you'll want to make a list of places where you can advertise your mobile notary business. These include: -Online -On phone calls -In-person -Through craigslist

How do notary signing agents get clients?

A signing service company is responsible for taking orders from title companies and delivering them to notaries. They may do this through a platform, through their own private notary database, or by relying on an online directory.


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