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Tax Write-Offs for Notaries

Tax Write-Offs for Notaries - What You Need to Know!

As a notary, you might be thinking of getting a tax preparer to help with your taxes. Surprisingly, tax preparers don’t offer assistance to notaries for free. If you want them to look at your taxes and give you advice, there will be a charge. Are they worth it? You might think that since you file fairly simple tax documents, you don’t need any help. But what if you could save some money on the fees and get some advice from someone who understands notaries and their unique situations?

Then this guide is perfect for you! Here we will go over some of the most important things every notary needs to know when it comes to taxes. Read on and learn how getting a few tips from an expert can help take the stress out of filing your taxes as a notary!


Tax season can be tricky for notaries!

If you’re a notary, you might feel like you don’t need help with your taxes. You file fairly simple tax documents and know...

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Tax Tips for Your Notary Business: The Notary Beginners Guide

Tax Tips for Your Notary Business: The Notary Beginners Guide

Starting your own notary business is an exciting time! It's also very scary, and taxes can seem like one of the most daunting parts of this process. However, taxes are an unavoidable reality for small businesses. You may be tempted to put off preparing your taxes until the last minute, but it's important to file your taxes before April 15th to avoid penalties. Preparing your taxes can be overwhelming, but here are some tax tips for you to help you get started with your filing.

Filing W-2s and 1099s

As a notary, you're responsible for filing W-2s and 1099-MISC forms.

When you file your taxes, you'll have to submit an employee's W-2 form if they had wages of more than $600 for the year. If they did not have wages of more than $600, but had income from 1099-MISC forms, you will also need to submit a 1099-MISC form. Signing companies will provide notaries with a 1099-forms

Tax Calculations for Notaries

Notaries will first...

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Notary Loan Signing Agent Training

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